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Manually Enroll/Unenroll a Student in a Course
Manually Enroll/Unenroll a Student in a Course

You will learn how to enroll or unenroll students manually.

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To enroll a student in a course, make sure your course is Published. As long as your course is in the draft, you will not be able to enroll students.

  1. Go to Students tab in your School section

  2. Click Add student + button

  3. Enter first name, last name

  4. Student's email address
    ​Important: The email address entered must be used by the student to log in to his personal account. If the student logs in with a different email address, he will not be able to see it when enrolling in the course.

  5. Click Save

  6. Open Enrollments tab above the first and last name

  7. Click Add course +

  8. In the popup select the course that you want tot enroll. You will be able to enroll only in published courses

  9. Click Save

The course in which you enrolled the student will appear in the list

The student will receive a message to the specified email address with a link to the course. Once he has begun the course, his progress can be seen in the Enrollments tab in the School section.

If the student doesn't receive the email or can't find it, you can send a second invitation.

To cancel a student's enrollment in a course, simply click on the Unenroll button




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