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Add and Edit Custom Fields in Contact Information
Add and Edit Custom Fields in Contact Information
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Custom fields are additional fields you can add to store the data about your clients that will allow you to gather specific and unique information about them.

You can create the following types of custom fields:

  • Text

  • Numeric

  • Toggle switch

  • Single select

  • Multi select

  • Date and Time

  • URL

  • Address

  • Tax ID

Here's what you need to do to add custom fields:

  1. Go to Contacts section

  2. Select one contact from contact list. If you don't have a contact created, just add a new one.

  3. In the contact information payload click on the Edit fields button

  4. You will see the predefined fields that can't be deleted. Click on the Create field button

  5. Create new field area will be displayed

  6. Enter the field name

  7. Select field type from the dropdown menu

  8. Click Save

  9. The custom field you created will appear at the bottom of the predefined fields

  10. To get back to contact information click โ† Back

  11. Now your field is ready to be used

Some of the fields such as multi and single select, should be filled with the values you need and they also can be displayed as a dropdown list or already visible options.

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