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How to Edit Student Cabinet Subdomain
How to Edit Student Cabinet Subdomain
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After registration, each organization receives a unique subdomain for the student account that looks something like this -

This option is not suitable for those who want to use the name of the school or brand, for example. To fix this, in the organization settings you can edit the part before

When you update the subdomain, your students will be able to log in to their personal account using it.


If you have enrolled students after you update the subdomain, make sure to notify them and provide a new subdomain address.

Step by step guide to update your subdomain:

  1. Click on the organization avatar

  2. Click on the Open student cabinet link

  3. Open the created tab in the browser window

  4. In the address bar you will see the current subdomain of the student cabinet

  5. Go back to dashboard

  6. Click on the organization avatar,

  7. Go to platform settings

  8. Open Student cabinet domain settings

  9. Click on the edit icon that appears after hovering over the subdomain name

  10. In the field that appears, enter the preferred subdomain name

  11. Click the save button

  12. Once saved, enrolled students will be able to view your courses on the updated subdomain

  13. To be sure that your changes have been saved correctly, open the Student Cabinet again

  14. Your new subdomain must be displayed in the address bar

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